Power BI and Azure can deliver fast and actionable insights to drive business, but the key to unlocking their potential lies in a strategic implementation through a professional guidance at the early adoption stages. At BI4U we help enterprises at their self service BI & Analytics onboarding strategies: explore our portfolio services here below and know the options available that best match your needs 

Portfolio Services



Both if it's about starting a Power BI deployment project from scratch or your challenge consists of migrating existing BI models typically in Excel, Power Pivot or any other legacy system, we provide advisory, development (or co-development), support, and implementation services to your company. We are your Power BI Solutions Partner, assisting through all project stages: wether you are evaluating needs or looking for bespoke solutions, we'll guide you through the way. 

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Models Optimization

We execute a thorough review of your existing model's architecture, hinting for eventual improvements according to Power BI best practices and our expertise.

Our research typically involves an in-depth assessment of both semantic and reporting layers, and most of the time reveals some feasible reshaping at the ETL and queries framework (M), tabular model structure (DAX), and more than often, a revamping of the cloud implementation approach, if any.

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Support Services

Are you experiencing a difficult problem that slows down your Power BI report? Need a quick tip to help you solve a specific problem with a DAX measure? Have a conflict with a table join and do not know how to solve it? If you need advice focused on this type of problems or issues, our Support service is for you. Our experts are available to take care of your specific problems onsite or remotely. In this way we optimise the response times to a problem, enabling an effective resolution.

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